The grate unknown

June 18, 2008

“Where did you sleep last night?”

“In the park; at least it was warm.”

“I thought you were all set up to sleep inside this week.”

“Phil, why would you ask me where I was sleeping last night if you already knew?”

“I can’t ask you a question about where you slept last night?”

“Phil, I gotta say you are being touchy this morning. You get enough sleep last night?”

3 Responses to “The grate unknown”

  1. CoCo Says:

    Hi, I really liked your post so I submitted it to Yearblook is a competition to find the best blog posts, and they print the winners in a book. Good luck!

  2. Philip Stern Says:

    Tony and Philip

  3. Michael Fazackerley Says:

    This conversation reads almost like Catch-22. Given its ubiquitousness in our culture naturally I have known the Catch for some time. I am just now reading the book. As it happens I just read the section this evening when the Doctor explains Catch-22 and its circular efficacy.

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