He was lost but now he’s found

March 25, 2007


Found the man himself up the street, a long block north of his normal perch. Looking only slightly worse for wear, he expects to be back in his normal spot before the coming week is over. Tony had to uproot himself because he had — what might be charitably called — a misunderstanding with the Alternative Grounds folk. This is notable because the AG folks are a reasonable and decent lot, a claim that Tony would corroborate, I believe. So it’s hardly a stretch to point out that Tony should have known better than to even allow the appearance  of impropriety, whatever the actual circumstances. To be sure, better judgement would change his life in vastly more substantive ways too.

More to come. Thanks to those who led me to him.

2 Responses to “He was lost but now he’s found”

  1. Sue_mom Says:

    how did Tony’s court date today go?

  2. Mike E Says:

    Well…appearances of impropriety can & do happen to the very best of us.

    Also, chronically skewed judgment is a classic symptom of PTSD — which I’ll guess our friend Tony contends with. I mentioned once that I think you & this blog give Tony hope. And hope is powerful medicine for PTSD.

    So thanks for looking so assiduously out for the guy, Phillip.

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