Swinging with the dinosaurs

March 28, 2007

“Yup, I’m a dinosaur, alright.

“Even the guard captain said it at the jail. Believe it or not, he remembered me from 20 years back when he started working there. He said I was there when the last guys got swung from the ropes. I don’t know about that.”

P.S.: The last hanging in Canada occurred in 1962; notably, it took place at the Don Jail.

One Response to “Swinging with the dinosaurs”

  1. Bill Says:

    Hi Tony

    I’m from the UK. I spent many years as a homeless person and now I like to write about it. To my mind, homelessness is a sign of everything that is wrong in are society
    The weak are pushed into the ground by social indifference. I’m very proud of people like you Tony keep up the good work.

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