February 15, 2007

John A. MacDonald

Although Tony hasn’t yet received any money via his new bank accounts, perhaps the more interesting news is that he made his first bank deposit yesterday: $10.

One Response to “10”

  1. jayherron Says:

    I apologize for not asking before-but this morning I “dropped” your name in my blog. So,if its okay-I would like to dedicate it to you-hope you are in a warm place Tony-I’m fixing to go out in the yard and build a fire to get warm. I have an old perculator that cooks coffee over a campfire,so shortly thatll be taking the chill off…its 19 degrees here in north central Florida this morning Tony,so I know you’d appreciate someone giving you a few minutes thought (especially from the tropics haha)-I’m freezing,so I know you are!

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