A night for six packs

January 15, 2007


“Did I tell you about my other trick for staying warm when it’s really cold? I found it out by accident; I can’t even remember who told me. It’s going down to -12 C tonight so I’ll try to do this one later if I can’t get a room.

“You know those plastic packs for warming your hands and your feet, you can get them at the hardware store and other places. You just squeeze them to get them started. When it’s real cold, I try to buy six of them before I get into the sack: 2 for my front pockets of my pants, 2 for the shoulders up in front here, and 2 in your socks for your feet. They go for a pretty reasonable time so it works pretty well.”

4 Responses to “A night for six packs”

  1. Bruce Sutley Says:

    Hi Phillip and Tony,

    Such an awesome story. Phillip…you will be rewarded well in your life for the friendship you have nutured with Tony. Tony…you will no doubt go far as well …don’t worry about those who criticize you for the way you live. They have not lived in your shoes and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to survive if they did. You are a strong man…hold your head high and keep the smile on your face.

    Bruce Sutley
    Penticton, B.C.

  2. jen Says:

    we’ve got our own bit of cold down here and are making enormous efforts to keep folks alive.

    stay warm, brother, stay warm.

  3. interesting…glad i’ve stumbled upon this blog.

  4. warm up pack can be find at dollarama stores world wided

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