Safer cigarette butts

November 25, 2006

Tony having a smoke

“People mostly don’t realize it but homeless people need to watch out for each other. There’s this homeless guy, I know him a little, he’s just finding butts on the street and using them like that so he’s always getting sick with colds and pneumonia and that stuff. So I tell him just to do a little surgery on the butts. I tell him to cut off half the filter and that gets rid of the germs. I smoke new cigarettes mostly so it’s not a problem for me.”

4 Responses to “Safer cigarette butts”

  1. Leon Says:

    What are your average earnings?
    How many meals can you afford a week?
    Just curious.

  2. If I’m lucky $35 – $40 a day. It varies from day to day. I also get some food from people which works out to about one meal a day. Thanks for reading the blog.

  3. march97a2003 Says:

    Thanks for your insight on cigarette butts. I’ve a formerly homeless couch tenant who scrounges for butts when he’s broke…or at least he used to until the Indian cigarette market became so readily available and now the working tenants buy the cheap cigarettes and share them with those not working.

    But I’ll share your advice.

  4. Nickelking Says:

    Just found this blog today thanks to the Do You Realize blog.

    I’m of the habit of giving 2 cigarettes to each person who asks for one I’m generally cash poor and have little change to share with those who need it. But I think after reading this post as well as the one after “Lucky strikes” I’m thinking of starting to offer the rest of my pack to whomever seems to need it more than I.

    As a sidenote is there any charity that Tony views as doing more good for the homeless than the others? (this may be addressed in further posts/comments, if so I’ll come across those shortly.)

    Thank you Phillip and Tony for bringing the plight of the homeless to those that try to inure themselves to it.

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