“If I was allowed one wish …”

November 20, 2006

“I’d have my wife back — that’s what I wish for more than anything else.”

[Tony’s wife died 9 years ago.].

4 Responses to ““If I was allowed one wish …””

  1. /pd Says:

    Philipp, I think its 7 yrs ago.. not 9 yrs ago !!

    Tony, do you miss your kid ?

  2. You’re right. Thanks.
    In my (partial) defence, Tony has read both posts and did not comment on either, insofar as the years were concerned.

    • Sarah Haines Says:

      Uncle Tony’s wife Sharon died in 2001.. when I was 16.. sorry had to make the correction, but as of today’s October 26th 2011, Uncle Tony has been back and with his Sharon..

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