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Joy riding with Pierre Trudeau

April 20, 2011

“So are people talking about the election much?”

“Some are sometimes but you know that Jack Layton guy, I’m getting to like him more and more. He really cares about people. But I’ll tell you the one  I liked the best was Mr. Pierre Elliott Trudeau. No question about that. Now there was a guy who was concerned about, you know, ordinary folks.  A very nice and decent man too.”

“How do you know all this?  Did you meet him or something?”

“Did I meet him? I drove him and and Margaret around in my limo.”

[To be continued.]

Lucky 7

September 19, 2008

“You know Brad at Brad’s restaurant just down here?  I asked him the other evening after he closed if he could spare a buck for dinner. Well he asked me how much I needed for dinner and he gave me the whole $7 that I needed.

“We should tell the people on our blog, you know what i mean.”

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