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For a few dollars more

May 29, 2009

Turner Rain, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway 1844 - May 28 2009TONY
“Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing out here when it’s raining like this. Then I remember that I won’t get a bed tonight unless I get myself another six bucks.”

Ocean view

February 18, 2009


“When are you going to Vancouver?”

“Well I’ve got to make some money first. The bus is pretty expensive, but I think it’s less expensive than the plane.

“Anyway, my nephew says he can get some work for me so I can make some extra money for the trip.”

“So when are you going?”

“Depends. I’ve got to get the money first. But I can tell you I need a holiday — haven’t had one in ten years. Plus I’ve never seen the ocean.”

“Never in your whole life?”

“Nope. Never have; always wanted to. This is my chance; I’ve gotta do it.”

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