Just sorrow

January 14, 2011

“Did you hear about the homeless guy who killed the cop with a snow plow?”

“Well it just shows you that homeless folks can be psycho as anyone else is. I just feel sorry for that cop’s family is all I can say.”

One Response to “Just sorrow”

  1. Helper76 Says:

    Ok, he’s been on the streets along time. I don’t understand why he doesn’t go to the Street to Homes program run by the city, they can help house him. Someone from this program must have come to speak to him before? Also if a doctor has given him 18 months to live, that gives him a opportunity to obtain priority housing though Housing Connections, The only 2 priorities are, 1. people who have been diagnosed 2 years 2. Women fleeing abusive situations. There are various housing help centres in Toronto that have relationships with landlords or even senior housing that can quickly and easily get Tony housed in a month or two. He no longer needs to be homeless.

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