Canada AM interview with Marci Ein

December 24, 2010 or Thanks to Michael for finding the direct links.

6 Responses to “Canada AM interview with Marci Ein”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hi Philip, did you finally manage to connect with Tony?

    • Regi Garcia Says:

      Hi there,

      I’ve just seen your interview at Canada AM. I haven’t heard about your blog before so I am not familiar with the content nor with your goal. Just wondering: what is your goal? Put the word out there with the hope that people learn that homeless is not laziness but the result of systemic injustice? Any intention of promoting change somehow to Tony’s life?

  2. - michael - Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Here’s a direct link to the interview/video:

    It takes several seconds for the video to load before it will play . . .

    P.S. — Merry Christmas and A Happy New Years’ to the both of you.

    – m –

  3. Serena Says:

    Hi, Regi –

    I’m not an expert on this site, but I have been reading here for a while. I think the goals in the article are clear (look a few days back from this post). This blog gives Tony a voice. We get a glimpse into his life – from the comforts of our warm homes and offices, with our coffees and full bellies, in front of our computers – and can see the vivid contrast. This blog illustrates the life Tony leads with dignity. He is a survivor and a champion. If any of us has a bad day, read some of Tony’s thoughts and remember how good you’ve got it…

    Best wishes,

  4. Philip Stern Says:

    Hi S,
    Thank you and amen.


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