Something to say

July 4, 2009

Demosthenes - july 4 2009

You know, there’s this guy down the street, sometimes he hangs around a bar down there that’s been spooking some girls on the street, I mean some 13-years-olds even. I think he’s even been getting on the bus and following them for a bit. Anyway, I think I know who it is that doing it. I’ll tell you, the next time I get to talk to the cops, I’ve got something to tell ’em.”

2 Responses to “Something to say”

  1. Sharon Says:


    I have a newspaper copy of a write up on Lefty,for you. I will bring at with me in August when I come to Toronto for a visit and we can go for coffee and talk.

    Love your sister Sharon

  2. Deb Says:

    Good for you for doing a form of neighborhood watch….we could use a few more people like that in this world. You know, looking out for others and not just themselves.

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