Turning 60

February 21, 2009


“Oh Phil, you should tell the blog readers that I’m having my birthday on Thursday [Feb. 26th]. You’ll see, I’ll be on the sidewalk with my special birthday balloon and everything.

“Sixty, it’s pretty freaky.”

7 Responses to “Turning 60”

  1. Joe Says:

    Congratulations on the birthday, Tony. I wish you well. Good luck on your vacation to Vancouver. My birthday is the 28th, actually.

    Recently, a friend’s daughter refused to go with the family to volunteer at a local soup kitchen for the homeless, on the grounds that she was afraid or uneasy around these people. I directed her here to read your blog, in order to see that you are just like she and myself; regular people. Only maybe down on their luck or having made some poor choices, everyone’s story is different. The main thing is, I wanted her to know about you to see that the average homeless man is not some drugged-out animal, but a decent guy who’s just having a hard time and wouldn’t hurt anybody. Thank you, Tony. Happy Birthday.

  2. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Hey, Big brother I hope all your birthday wishes come true for you ,Have a great birthday STRINGBEAN.Love aka (Sweetpea) Sharon

  3. matt pres Says:

    happy bday from biloxi, mississippi

  4. Sam Drucker Says:

    We have the same birthday. I might have to stop by for some coffee

  5. Sharon Clemens Says:

    I think Tony would like to meet a new friend.Great thing to do,thank from Tony’s sister Sharon

  6. blamb Says:

    happy birthday! we’ll stop by tomorrow and say it in person.

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