Playing catch-up

August 13, 2008

“Are you going to be here later on today?”

“Oh yeah, you bet … been sick for almost 2 days so I’ve got some catching up to do.”

One Response to “Playing catch-up”

  1. Michael Fazackerley Says:

    Tags Poetry


    I can see how the Tags column could legitimately be seen as poetry given a new frame of presentation. Even as I look at the current tags I see some excellent lines and the opportunity to simply shift a few word onto the preceding or following line to create a good cadence. Perhaps you should publish them as a book or a series of framed pieces. You could simply use the date as the title. With an appropriate introduction this would could be a marvellous expression of creativity spawned from technology. Marshall McLuhan and John Cage would be proud.

    Peace and all good things,

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