Courting trouble

April 14, 2008

Expanding universe

“How did your court appearance go yesterday [April 9th]?”

“Well you’ll never believe it. I went into the wrong courtroom and they were in the middle of picking a jury for some trial. Now you can’t leave a courtroom while they’re picking a jury so I had to stay put, even though I knew I was supposed to be at my trial in another courtroom. So I finally get to leave the room once the jury pickings’s done, and one of the court officers comes up to me and tells me that my judge went and issued a bench warrant because I was a no-show.”

“So …?”

“Well of course I explained what happened to me and there were few people right there who could vouch for my story. So the court officer brought me ’round to the judge and I explained the same thing to him and he heard from a few witnesses who’d seen me in the other courtroom. So the judge right away cancelled my bench warrant. He was fair and there was no problems after that. But I’ve got to go back to court again in a few weeks. It just never seems to end.”

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