Ten easy pieces

July 14, 2007

Guns in hand

“You should’ve seen the cop take-down over where the 7-11 used be, you know just over the bridge near Lansdowne. I was on my bike and there were guys were selling guns, right there in the parking lot. Four cop cars come screaming in, they must have been doing 60.

“Believe it or not, these were loaded guns they were selling — someone said they’d sold 10 of them before the cops showed up. So now there’s 10 more guns on the street. If you ask me, there’s too many guns out there already.”

4 Responses to “Ten easy pieces”

  1. henry Says:

    That’s a beautiful photograph that you posted.

    As regards guns, out here in England, I’d really like to have one.

    It’s getting bad; the crims have them so why can’t I?

    As regards homelessness: Sometimes I feel a real need to get out into the woods and never come back. Like Blur said; ‘Modern life is rubbish’.

  2. claudia Says:

    and he would know, being out there seeing all that. We snug in our homes have no freaking clue, do we?

  3. lil Says:

    a little note to Maya and Somebody — who might be wondering about Philip’s motivation or actions. Surely you’ve known people that you’ve wanted to help, you could see a path for them, it would be easy and brilliant — and darn it, they just didn’t see it your way. Their brains were organized differently, their lives were organized by a framework that made sense only to them. It is easier to abandon these people in frustration and leave them to their own devices. What Philip is doing may ultimately not directly help Tony, but together they are contributing to our compassion and understanding as we realize that we are all connected by our humanity.

  4. wondering Says:

    It would be nice though to see some changes happen for Tony?
    There have been questions asked but never answered?
    Just sounds like Tony is content out there even though its rough life? Its his life now matter what.

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