The good judge

February 9, 2007

Please, judge, may I have some more?

“I never told you about Judge Chamberlain. She was the best judge I ever met.

“See, when I was 13, I got sent up to the boy’s training school for 6 months because of truancy and that sort of thing. It wasn’t too bad there; I learned some stuff, and at least I didn’t have to live at home. Home was a bad mess.

“So after my 6 months was up, I got out and went before this judge, Judge Chamberlain. I asked if she could just send me back to training school since I sure didn’t want to go back home. So she sent me back to training school for 9 more months, and I got my chef’s certificate so I could cook in restaurants and cafeterias. So when I got out, I went back to her courtroom and I thanked her, right there in the courtroom. She even came down from the bench and gave me a really big hug.

“You know, there’s some pretty good judges out there.”

Update on Tony: He’s in the Don Jail for another 5 days, at least. His health is better (and he’s warm and fed), but he did seem pale and a bit low key when I visited him yesterday. There are further court dates coming up. Alice Barton, a lawyer with Derstine Penman, is helping Tony out. Tony wanted to pass along his thanks to everyone who’s expressed support.

6 Responses to “The good judge”

  1. jen Says:

    thanks for the update, Tony has been in my thoughts.

  2. Haricot Says:

    Good luck in court Tony !!

  3. jay Says:

    I’m glad he’s got a warm place to sleep and some meals coming in regularly.

  4. jayherron Says:

    Im kind of curious about the chefs certificate?
    Why is it you dont trade your experience and traing in a kitchen somewhere? If you have 9 months plus of training as a chef easily you could and should be able to barter that experience-somewhere?
    Why you live in a city-so there has to be a galley somewhere there that would trade you a few meals-even maybe a few bucks to do something in the kitchen-and easily if you prove yourself to be good enough you would most likely end up with a job-maybe!!??
    I dont mean to sound off at you but I have been homeless too and thats how I ended up living in these woods for thirty years-I hand carried materials from the city 20 some miles away and built the place I live in-and I understand poor ways of life and health issues too…Ive had a stroke and yet still can rake a yard for ten bucks here and there-I have to and recieve each ten like it was God himself that handed it to me…but if I was in the city and near all the eateries you must be around in Toronto,why is it you dont barter your experience-it doesnt have to be in the fast ppace of the kitchen-but there must be something and it would be out of the weather and every kitchen Ive been around has always got food??
    Im just curious!….a chefs certificate?

  5. dave k Says:

    hello philp we met i,am tonys friend hope hes doing good just tell tony dave from st, clarens ave said hi i now live in brantford tony and i had some intresting times last couple years i,ll be comming to see him soon as i half to see doctor there soon so any way regardless of any thing tony is one hell of a nice man who has gone through many hardships and still survied because he is a couger and a sivour i,am sure gods help is there so say hello to him and buddy douge to god bless tony your pal dave p.s. see u i sept, dave k ill buy lunch

  6. dave k Says:

    p,s looking good

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