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At what cost?

October 19, 2009

Barbituric_acid - Oct 19 2009

“You know how much I have to pay for all these drugs I’m supposed to be taking?”

“No idea.”

“Just guess.”

“OK. $200 bucks. A month. Am I close?”



“You got that right. Thank God for OHIP, like I always say, if you know what I mean.”

Back in bed

October 2, 2009

Hospital bed - Oct 2 2009

Hi All,
I found him. Tony is in the hospital (again). He checked himself into St. Joseph’s Hospital yesterday after trying, unsuccessfully, to check himself in the day before through the emergency ward, and getting himself sent “home” at the end of the day — a bit ironic if you ask me.

He’s on the 4th floor, Room #4M16. If you’d like to visit him, he’d be delighted. I will try to see him over the weekend. Any ready-to-eat food you can bring him (only stuff that is easily chewable) will be very much appreciated, as his appetite is well beyond what hospital meal portions can fulfill.

Before you visit, check the hospital visiting times and associated regulations at


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