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Taking care of business

March 22, 2008

“I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while … how do you keep your breath from smelling bad? Isn’t that hard to do in your situation?”

“Well first of all, I better keep it smelling pretty or no one’s going to want to talk to me or give me anything. I just┬átake care of it, just like anything else. And believe it or not, the smoking helps too. Even when people don’t like the cigarette smell, they don’t go┬ábacking away from me, if you know what I mean.”

In the bag

April 9, 2007


Someone stole Tony’s backpack on Friday. Almost always, he would leave his backpack when going for a smoke or a meal or what-all.

In the bag: Some gloves, a hat or two, some cigarettes, a few lighters, a yesterday’s Metro paper, assorted keys, some “some nicer clothes for the upcoming Bible reading, and who-knows-what.

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