Literary criticism

August 1, 2011

“Did you hear that Rob Ford said he didn’t know who Margaret Atwood was? I mean, even I’ve know about Margaret Atwood.”

4 Responses to “Literary criticism”

  1. anne robbins Says:

    well…rob ford is a dumb a..!

  2. Jan Vandebong Says:

    I think it might be more along the lines of when Hemingway slammed Mickey Spillane & when they asked Spillane about it, to piss him off he said ‘Hemingway who?’ Kinda like ‘Yeah, whatever, don’t you have some fiction to write?’

  3. Philip Says:

    Ford ignorance make one wonder what literary figures or intellectuals he does know about. I wonder if the Ford’s have read any of Jane Jacobs works. They might have learned a little about how a city best works.

  4. Jan Vandebong Says:

    Atwood isn’t a big deal. I know who she is, but she’s a fiction writer, you’ve either read her books or you haven’t (I haven’t & don’t plan to), unless you’re an English teacher it’s not really essential to doing well professionally. How else is Ford ignorant?

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