Circle of life

May 16, 2011

“I heard that there’s an experiment to help homeless people by the government actually giving them money, you know, cash.”

“Well that won’t work. You’ve got too many of us who will just go off to find something like alcohol or whatever they want. But you can bet your socks that I’d take their money if they want to give it to me.”

“So what’s the best approach then?”

“When you’re homeless, it means you need a place to live. So if they can help homeless people get somewhere to live, then that could work.”

5 Responses to “Circle of life”

  1. Sharon Clemens Says:

    But a lot of the homeless poeple do not feel at home in a house now, it is to closed in foe them.Like someone I know so well.hahaha

  2. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Great to see you both back on the blog.
    Love you both keep up the great work guys

  3. Sharon Clemens Says:

    How Tony If you can ,can you please call me Philip has my home phone number.

  4. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Sorry, I forget to tell you Joe passed away today .

  5. Bubba Rugged Says:

    I’m homeless and having a place to stay would be fantastic. I’m only speaking for myself, of course. Different situations require different needs, which is what makes homelessness such a difficult issue. Not to mention it ain’t exactly on the top of people’s lists. But I do not hold this against them.

    I’ve just started my own blog which I hope people will find humorous and interesting. I have a lot of stories to tell.

    Oh – don’t forget about safe injection sites! Many of us are addicted to some drug or another. The program in my town has recently shut down. Which frightened me into a cold-turkey attempt. I hope I can stick with it. Others will not be able to. Lack of clean needles and a safe place to toss used ones is really quite simply bad news.

    I haven’t used in a couple of days. The withdrawals are tremendously painful … many of my fellow homeless are still using and dumping their needles wherever they stand. Imagine if kids pick these things up?

    – Bubba, the homeless blogger

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