Dashing through the snow

November 17, 2010

“Someone told me that it’s going to be Christmas in six weeks. This year just kind of just flew by, if you know what I mean.”

2 Responses to “Dashing through the snow”

  1. Jaimie Says:


    I just read about a organization in California that makes mobile shopping carts that convert into beds at night and are enclosed w/ thick canvas. They are EDARs.
    The project is called “Everybody deserves a roof” They donate these carts to homeless people on an as available basis. I know you are in Toronto but I am really concerned about Tony in the cold this winter with his current health conditions. I think it would be great advertisement for this non-profit since this page gets so many visitors. The units cost about $500 but they donate them as they are available. Would Tony be interested in something like this? Would other homeless people steal it from him? I’d be willing to help pay for shipping.

  2. Sharon Clemens Says:

    where did you read about the shopping carts.Iwould love to read it too.

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