Young men

November 23, 2009

“I’ve got to say, you’re looking awful healthy for a guy who thought he might be dying a few weeks ago. Great ruddy complexion, everything. If I wanted to be sarcastic, I’d say you should spend more time in ICU.”

“My Mom told me that you shouldn’t read books by their covers, if you know what I mean.”

“So you’re not doing OK?”

“Most of me is all right, actually. But you got to know, that Old Man winter is coming. It’s in the bones, young man.”

2 Responses to “Young men”

  1. I’d still like to send Tony some warm socks and maybe some warm gloves. Or contribute to a Paypal account for you to do that for him, if that works better for you. Please tell him there’s a nice person in Chicago saying prayers for him, okay?

  2. Sharon Clemens Says:

    to the nice person in Chicago ,I thank you for helping Tony.Toronto gets pretty cold in the winter,by the way the thank you is coming from Tony’s little sister.

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