Tony is up against the wall

May 10, 2009

“Did I tell you about the photographer came around a couple of weeks ago to take some pictures of me?”

“I don’t really remember.”

“Well just take a look at the wall of the old Royal Bank bank right at the corner at Fermanagh and Ronces. Tell me what you think, you’ll see what I mean.”

7 Responses to “Tony is up against the wall”

  1. Rebecca Doll Says:

    Funny, I wonder if that sign is referring to the Bank?

  2. Maya Says:

    Hey Tony!

    So you’re a star, once again! Yea. But I must say, you’re
    way better looking than that photo. Phil has done you
    much more justice. However if you’re happy with this portrait,
    I’m happy for you 🙂

  3. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Hey, Big brother you are looking a little to skinny to me.But I Love you all the same

    Little Sis Sharon

  4. Sharon Clemens Says:

    why is where no new updates on the blog site

  5. missionlog Says:

    This photo’s at the ROM too until the first week of July, upstairs on the wall in the Institute for Contemporary Culture, part of the HousePaint exhibit and the CONTACT Toronto Photo festival. Thanks for speaking your mind Tony!

  6. miquelfuster Says:

    Muy interesante propuesta. Maybe all politicians would be able to “see” all invisible guys survivin’ on the streets of the world if they are in the billboards next to Chivas Regal, Armani’s, etc…

  7. miquelfuster Says:

    ….regards from Spain….

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