Getting closer

December 4, 2008


“You see my sign?  I’m letting everyone know how close we are to Christmas. I’m starting to think that some people don’t want to know. No one has any money; let me tell you, I can tell.”

12 Responses to “Getting closer”

  1. debbielynn Says:

    Geesh, is it really 20?

    Where does the time go?

  2. debbielynn Says:

    Hey Tony…hope you’re alright.

  3. lina Says:

    Maybe in the new year Tony will get a job.Since he sits on his ass all day asking people in clear english for money maybe he will go work in a call centre and earn some money for a change unless he is too lazy.There are semi retarded people with jobs out there and he doesn’t strike me as useless.I quit giving this bum money and i hope all others follow.

  4. debbielynn Says:

    Wow…you win the insensitive clod of the year award.

    Tell you what, most people in this world would rather be in the company of a friendly, kind (homeless) man than a rude, ignorant pig with a paycheck. Get some class. Your “semi retarded” comment also reveals your lack of empathy.

    He might not strike you as useless, but your comment certainly is.

  5. debbielynn Says:

    Sorry Tony…steered off track there.

    I hope you’re doing alright in the horrible weather. It’s snowing here on the West coast tonight. Take care.

  6. Sharon Says:

    Hey, lina try and keep your big mouth shut,until you know Tony a lot better then you do right now .

  7. lina Says:

    There are so many reasons to love Tony. Whenever I feel like my life just couldn’t get any worse, I can hock a loogie on Tony and feel like I got it made (I’ms a responsibles mumber of societes workings minimum wages, paings rents and all and the rest barely covers the booze)

    I hate myself more than Dostoyevsky`s Underground Man and while my greatly superior intellect always affords me the luxury of warm hearth I will never forgive Tony`s warm smile on a frigid winter night.

    Who the hell does he think he is, barely surviving on the streets, touching people`s hearts, while I struggle to keep a roof over my head, a goddamn bullshit of a roof nobody gives a damn about.

    Fuck you, Tony.


  8. Maya Says:

    .. sometimes life is stranger than fiction eh, even Dostoyevsky’s

    Hope you get some help Lina. Allow yourself to be opened up spiritually and your entire perspective on your life, and other peoples lives will change.

    in the meantime, live and let live, how about it 🙂

  9. Sharon Says:

    Tony has always treated poeple fair and people treat him fair in return . So lina try it, It may work for you too,but in the time being get off Tony’s back.You do not know the reason Tony likes to live on the streets of Toronto.Hey Big brother love you .(sweetpea) aka your baby sister

  10. Lily Says:

    Don’t forget, there are people who enjoy negative attention, and it’s best to ignore them.

  11. DOVER, Del. — Citizens can comment this week on a proposal to include a Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway in the state’s Scenic and Historic Highway Program. The Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware

  12. Michael Fazackerley Says:

    It’s funny how no one has really had any money for a long time now. How many people have not been floating credit for the past several years? Now that its being widely publicized that there is no money suddenly everyone believes it, and so…it is so. Well, it is a matter of degrees. If you’re really really irresponsible and you owe huge sums of money and many many people depend upon the money that you supposedly had, or could allegedly have the potential to generate, then someone will eventually give it to you. 😉

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