Badge of recognition

September 18, 2008
Tony's badge

“Did I show you this. Actually, I got one for you as well.”

“How’d you get them?

“Some of the guys from 14 Division took me out for dinner last night if you can believe that.”

“What … they just popped you in a squad car and sped off to the local doughnut shop?”

“Sort of like that. So after dinner, they gave me one of these things so I just asked them for another one.”

2 Responses to “Badge of recognition”

  1. Maya Says:

    That’s great Tony.

    So..the elections are coming up. Have an opinion Tony? Which party/candidate will help *you* and the homeless the most?

    This is a chance to get some action Tony/Phil.

    all the best

  2. Maya Says:


    Phil, I was on Roncesvalles in early July I believe, totally forgot Tony was there (as I experience him in the computer) and whoa, ran into him! That was amazing! We chatted, I told him I read the blog, he was pleased and so on.

    NB – I asked Tony about housing and he told me that he is on a LONG waiting list for a mere room?!! I don’t know if that’s hmmm how it is…. but I gave him enough money for 2 nights to sleep.. somewhere..

    Anyway,.. I hope there can be some action for Tony now re housing and more…

    all the best

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