The wheels of life

August 13, 2007


“You see that guy on the bicycle? Now him you’ve gotta keep your eyes open for.”

“That guy? Why?”

“You see how he rode by that parked car, the white one over there? He slowed right down when he saw something on her car seat, probably it’s her purse. So he does a couple of u-turns so he can ride by her car again and grab the purse. If you ask me, the only reason he didn’t grab for it is that she was just coming back out the store. I’ll bet you she’ll never know what just went down, which is like most people if you ask me.”

3 Responses to “The wheels of life”

  1. Denguy Says:

    I’ve seen the bicycle guy. I’ve seen him doing laps and checking out cars.

  2. Steph Says:

    Why would anyone leave their purse in the car?

  3. henry Says:

    I’ll tell you why, Steph. Because she should be able to. Because she lives in a scum-free world. Because how else is it ever going to be?

    Unfortunately for me I live near London which is where every crim has everything on his side. What I’d like to see is a shrapnel-bomb disguised as a something that gets stolen or people are robbed for. Wait ten seconds and then hit the button.

    Tony’s different and that’s why I’ll always be there for him.

    Cheers, Tony! Thinking of you, man!

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