Nothing rhymes with orange

July 2, 2007

Painting of hooch

“Did you find that bag I left for you yesterday, the one with the sausage you like and the Orangina?”

“Yup. I love that sausage, all right.”

“Did you like the drink?”

“It was awful.”

“Had you tried it before?”

“Nope and I’m not trying it again either.”

6 Responses to “Nothing rhymes with orange”

  1. family member Says:

    Tony,this is your nephew ,I am sorry to see that you have hit rock bottom,but not to surprised,we knew once Sharon past away that you would proubly be lost with out her.we all know how close you both were with each other.Tony you are a good man,and a good father to Brian and Tammy,you and Sharon did a great job bringing them up.I know your drug habbits got in the way sometimes,but you always made sure that they were taken care of.That has to say alot.So don’t give up hope.I will see if there is anything I can do for you ,to get you back on your feet again.

  2. Tony Says:

    Hi family member,
    Upon finding your msge in the morning email, I went out to his to find him on Roncesvalles. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in his usual spot so he’s as yet unaware of your msge.

    I’ll let you know when Tony hears it.

    Tks for your note.


  3. Philip the pictures you can e-mail them to me please

  4. DC Says:

    Door hinge

  5. Tony Says:

    Pls email me directly: philip at

    Thanks much.


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